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Innovators, Creators and Consumers United for Balanced Copyright

We are creators, advocates, thinkers, users, and consumers who stand for a copyright system grounded in the Founders’ promise to “promote the progress of science and useful arts.”  We uphold and endorse the following principles:

Creativity: We strive to uphold the honored, privileged legal place granted to those who discover knowledge and create art. Understanding that a cultural commons is vital to future creativity, we support a vibrant public domain.

Balance: We believe society must support both those who originate works and the rights of those who legally access and acquire them.  A copyright system must acknowledge the vital roles of those who own, experience, learn from, consume, and transform the creations of others.

Freedom: We support the constitutional promise that all people should be able to express themselves freely and believe that such expression includes fair use of works created by others. Efforts to turn U.S. Copyright law into a one-way ratchet are leading to an unbalanced system that threatens the guarantees of the First Amendment while chilling technological innovation, artistic endeavor, and scholarly advance.

Clarity: We stand for a copyright system that is clear, simple, transparent, and appropriately limited.  Bureaucratic government-granted monopolies, we believe, do not always serve to advance human creativity.