·  by Maud Sacquet

CCIA Joins Copyright Day of Action

Originally Posted On: CCIA

Brussels, BELGIUM — CCIA Europe joins internet users, digital rights groups, scientific and research institutions, publishers and technology businesses today (Tuesday) for a Copyright Day of Action.

Unfortunately, European Member States have adopted in May a very disappointing position on Copyright reform, impacting the freedom of expression and access to information of Internet users as well as many businesses across a broad spectrum of industry.

However, it’s not too late for the European Parliament to intervene to save the internet by preserving free speech, creativity and the ability to share information. CCIA stands with academics, who explain the dangers of the proposed press publishers’ right in a recent letter, as well as internet users, who appreciate the ability to share funny commentary like memes.

The Copyright Directive in its current form will be an utter disaster for the Internet and CCIA urges the European Parliament to reject this proposal.