Creativity and the Internet

To the Editor:

Re “Subscriptions Turn Culture’s Spoiler Into Its Savior” (State of the Art column, Business Day, March 16):

We agree with Farhad Manjoo that the internet is saving culture, not killing it. The internet has enabled and empowered a new generation of creators who have unleashed a tremendous amount of creativity. More books, more music, more films and more art are being produced on digital platforms than at any other time in history.

The internet is also a cornerstone of our economy, and is valued at more than $8 trillion a year, according to McKinsey & Company.

We must protect this new era of creativity from overbroad copyright rules proposed in the name of promoting creativity that would stifle the booming digital economy and cultural expansion.

Limitations and exceptions to copyright, like fair use, are at the core of the internet creative boom. It is important that culture continues expanding and thriving online.


The writer is executive director of the Re:Create Coalition.