3D/DC 2015

Washington DC,

We are excited to announce that the world of 3D printing is coming back to Washington, DC this spring. On April 29th we will be holding 3D/DC 2015, our fourth (mostly) annual bacchanalia of 3D printing and policy. If we do say so ourselves, this is the premiere 3D printing policy event of the year, bringing together the 3D printing world and the world of policy. You should come.

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Each year we tinker with the format of 3D/DC a bit, and this year is no different. In something of an echo of our first 3D/DC in 2011, this year we are bringing panels back. 3D/DC 2015 will feature panels on IP, medical applications, distributed manufacturing, fostering the development of small businesses, and education. Watch this space as we add speakers and participants.

The constant for 3D/DC has always been a demonstration and reception, and we would never think to get rid of that.  This year our demonstration reception will be bigger and better than ever. It will give everyone a chance to see 3D printers first hand and to discuss issues in a more relaxed, one-on-one environment.

So mark your calendars. April 29th is 3D printing day in Washington, DC!

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