Arden, North Carolina

ROOTS Week Annual Meeting & Artists’ Retreat is a unique gathering of artists and cultural organizers creating a better world together. The week-long event combines performance, studios, late-night cabarets, installations, business meetings and networking opportunities.

It is here that we throw out new ideas, think critically about our processes and move the conversation on art, activism and community forward by showing our work.

This year’s theme of TRANSFORMATION is the second year of our three year initiative – Call to Action – where we investigate our work as artists and cultural organizers. During each year of this initiative, we will explore a core element of arts activism: Aesthetics in 2014, Transformation in 2015, and Emergence/Organizing in 2016.

Co-op work groups keep everything running and the casual, family-friendly atmosphere provides a re-energizing and creative place for professionals in the field of arts, community and activism.

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