How Fair Use Elevates Everyday Life

In honor of this year’s Fair Use Week, Re:Create Coalition is highlighting how fair use enhances creativity and is essential to everyday activities. From using quoted classic literature text in a book report, to creating memes based on a copyrighted picture, to reporters using previously aired news content in their news segment — fair use is essential to everyone.

Re:Create Coalition members shared some of their everyday uses of technology and the internet, which are only possible due to fair use:

  • Using search engines
  • ChatGPT
  • Using streamer videos to learn how to play a video game
  • Using translation apps
  • Creating memes based on favorite movies or TV shows
  • Making PowerPoint slides and using copyrighted images to teach students a class lesson
  • Reading or listening to news that refers to other sources

Members also highlighted how their favorite creators rely on fair use to create content:

  • Podcast hosts playing news clips in their episodes
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Using DALL-E
  • Gaming YouTubers like CarlSagan42 and Perth Nakhun
  • Red Letter Media reviewing Star Wars prequels

Fair use is essential to people across different industries, ages and interests to repurpose work and spark creativity. Join us in celebrating fair use’s importance this week! Learn more about Fair Use Week and how you can participate at Share how fair use is essential to you by using the hashtag #FairUseWeek on social media!