Re:Create Recap- December 6, 2018

Lame Duck Developments On Register Of Copyrights Bill. Techdirt’s Mike Masnick penned a column on attempts to push S.1010 through the lame duck session. The bill would make the Register of Copyrights a presidentially-appointed position, “which would effectively politicize the office at a time when the last thing we should want is a Copyright Office that is bowing to the whims of whoever is in the Oval Office,” Masnick wrote. He also emphasized that the Copyright Office has been moving forward with modernization under the Library of Congress’ oversight — much-needed progress that could be endangered if the bill is passed by the Senate.

Forbes Announces Highest Paid YouTube Stars. Forbes released a list of 2018’s top-earning YouTube stars — new creators who’ve reached the pinnacle of online video success and transitioned into brand partnerships, endorsements, merchandise and more. 7-year-old Ryan of Ryan ToysReview topped the list earning an estimated $22 million for his love of toys and partnerships with Walmart. Meanwhile makeup artist Jeffree Star’s online career has leveraged his popular channel into a $100 million beauty line.

Polish New Creators Oppose EU Copyright Directive. A coalition of 15,000 Polish new creators signed a letter opposing the EU Copyright Directive, noted EFF in a blog post, writing that the proposal will “deprive them of their livelihoods.” According to the creators, the directive would impact more than just music and videos. The internet is also critical for Polish everyday life, such as “education, the continuation of Polish culture, and connections to the global Polish diaspora.”

New Creator Profile: Instagram Influencer Meghan Young. “My job is to make it look effortless, to look like it’s the most fun ever and it’s never a job,” Instagram influencer Meghan Young told Bloomberg. “But it is a job.” On track to earn $50,000-100,000 as a full-time influencer with sponsorships and photo licensing fees, Young described her day-to-day work, from pitching companies for sponsorships to taking and editing photographs. Her career as a mountaineering Instagram influencer enables her to earn an income while still pursuing her passions.