Re:Create Recap January 29, 2021

The CASE Act Still Faces Challenges. The controversial Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act), which passed as part of a year-end Covid relief bill with almost no public debate, was signed into law in late December, but still has a long road ahead. Re:Create provided some clarification to the misinformation being shared about the bill and how the lack of details and constitutionality questions could lead to its undoing.

YouTube Contributed $16 Billion To U.S. GDP. In a letter to creators released this week, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcick unveiled that YouTube’s ecosystem contributed $16 billion to U.S. gross domestic product in 2019, supporting the equivalent of 345,000 full time jobs. Wojcick’s announcement cites an Oxford Economics report on the cultural, societal and economic impacts of YouTube in the U.S. The letter highlights ways YouTube has helped bring people together during the pandemic writing: “Last year, more viewers than ever before came to our platform — to learn new skills, find accurate information about COVID-19, and rebuild communities online. And we saw artists reach their fans by making YouTube a virtual venue.”

Wattpad’s Treasure Trove Of IP Waiting To Be Adapted. Wattpad is not only changing what it means to be a published writer for its more than 90 million monthly users, it is also helping them expand beyond its platform at a time of “industry revolution” The Verge’s Julia Alexander reports. “Executives are turning their eyes to the burgeoning streaming industry, where platforms like Hulu and Netflix need a consistent flow of movies and TV shows to keep people watching. Teen romances, dramas, and comedies are in high demand, and Wattpad is sitting on a treasure trove of IP just waiting to be adapted.”

EFF List Of Worst Takedowns In 2020. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) rounded up a list of egregious DMCA takedowns in its blog “A Smorgasbord of Bad Takedowns: 2020 Year in Review” to highlight how intellectual property law can lead to expression being removed from the internet. Among others, the list includes Dr. Drew’s incorrect assessment that copyright law permitted him to remove a video of his false claims about Covid-19 that damaged his reputation. The examples are important warnings with the introduction of the draft overhaul of the DMCA which would undo the DMCA and end online creativity as we know it.

Grandma’s Cooking Videos Are A TikTok Sensation. TikTok has certainly been popular for younger generations, but one grandmother from Connecticut shows success on social media has no age limit. With the help of her daughter, Barbara Costello posted her first cooking video on TikTok and instantly became a viral sensation, receiving over 100,000 views. The mother-daughter duo has continued uploading new recipes daily and @brunchwithbabs now has nearly 200,000 followers. “I have always loved meeting new people and now I do it virtually. We are one big TikTok family,” said Barbara.