ReCreate Recap March 19, 2021

Copyright Stakeholders Object To Proposed Digital Copyright Act. In comments submitted to Senator Thom Tillis on his proposed Digital Copyright Act of 2021, Re:Create, its members, consumer groups and other copyright stakeholders were unified in their strong, clear objections to the flawed proposal which would warp the DMCA. The objections were based on concerns with the creation of a “copyright surveillance state,” limiting access to knowledge, chilling free speech, hurting competition and consumer choice, and numerous other issues.

Creators Come Out In Full Force Against “Terrible” Copyright Proposal. More than 900 internet creators signed onto a letter by Electronic Frontier Foundation expressing their concerns with the proposed Digital Copyright Act. “We cannot have a robust creative culture if a censorship regime is built into the services small and independent creators rely on,” the letter states. “The last year has made being able to share art online even more critical to its survival. If the Digital Copyright Act had been law last year, we would have been crippled in our ability to make and share our work. We urge you to put this bill aside and not bring up similar ideas in the future.”

Could CASE Act Send You To Small Claims Court For Posting Wedding Pictures Online? In an interview with NPR, Public Knowledge’s Meredith Rose raised the ongoing problems with the CASE Act and what it could mean for everyday users. In addition to concerns that it violates the Constitution’s separation of powers by placing a court system inside the Library of Congress, Rose also pointed to a real life example: “My mom posted our wedding photos online. I’m not sure if she had the right to that under our photographer’s contract.”

Grammy Awards Inspire Content Creators. While having to go virtual this year like so many other awards shows, this year’s Grammys made the most out of the circumstances by connecting with fans through creative content and online commentary. Billboard highlights some of the best social media posts featuring hilarious memes, tweets and videos.

TikTok Helps Brands With Customer Service & Product Feedback.  TikTok continues to be one of today’s most popular social media platforms. In addition to being an outlet for dancing, singing, cooking and more, the platform is also serving as a way for companies and brands to receive product feedback and to provide customer service. “It’s a great platform for us to informally answer questions for potential customers,” said one company. Based on feedback channeled through TikTok, brands have started to tailor some of their content and products to address consumers’ more specific concerns.