Re:Create Recap – March 29, 2018

RSVP: Learn How Libraries Support The New Creative Economy. The American Library Association will host a Capitol Hill briefing on April 11 with President Jim Neal, New Mexico Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and the DC Public Library to explain how libraries are advancing the new creative economy “by providing the general public access to technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and fostering entrepreneurship.” Demonstrations will include 3D printers and other technologies available at the DC Public Library’s Fabrication Lab. RSVP here.

Library Of Congress Makes Rare Photo Of Harriet Tubman Available To Public. Earlier this month, the Library of Congress announced it has conserved and digitized a previously unrecorded portrait of Harriet Tubman and images of other abolitionists. They are among an album of 48 photographs dating to the 1860s that the Library of Congress and Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture jointly acquired and will be put on display at the museum. “Now people in our nation’s capital and around the world can see these important figures from American history and learn more about their lives,” said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden of the rare photos.

Gatekeepers Trying To Block Online Safe Harbors In Argentina. Argentine lawmakers are currently considering establishing safe harbors for online platforms, protecting them from “the threat of immediate legal liability when a user or other third party creates or shares content” that is copyrighted. However, Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jeremy Malcolm wrote that the country’s copyright lobby is trying to roll back the proposed law, which currently requires a court order to take down alleged copyright infringement as opposed to the American “notice-and-takedown” system. Malcolm concluded that “this law will set a positive standard of intermediary liability protection for the region, in which several other countries lack clear laws in this area.”

Cosplay At WonderCon 2018 Puts Fair Use On Display. Pop culture reporter for the Orange County Register Peter Larsen listed the favorite forms of expression he spotted at the WonderCon 2018 Convention in Anaheim, CA. From cosplayers dressed as Superman to fandom fashion design on his list, the principle of fair use plays an important role in the fan community. For more on fair use and fandom, check out our podcast and infographic.