ReCreate Recap: May 21, 2021

Spotify Provides New Access To Music For Podcasts. Reggie Ugwu with The New York Times featured the “Black Girl Songbook” podcast to demonstrate the benefits of an innovative new music arrangement between Spotify and podcasters. The arrangement gives podcast publishers access to full songs in the platform’s music catalogue, which are difficult and expensive to attain on their own. “Unlike radio broadcasters, who can purchase blanket licenses that give them rights to most popular songs, copyright law requires podcasts and other forms of on-demand media to license songs individually,” writes Ugwu.

Millennials And Gen Z Want Jobs In The Creative Industry. With the creative economy thriving, Forbes contributor Sterling Campbell looks at how millennials and Gen Z are seeking creative jobs now more than ever. The column mentions that over 2 million creators make six figures or more on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram, with sponsored influencers worth over $8 billion; by 2022 that number is predicted to increase to $15 billion. “There has never been greater access to global communities than there is today…These communities have allowed creators to collaborate with a diverse set of individuals, and the results have been astonishing across many industries,” writes Campbell.

Fake Copyright Infringement Warnings Scam Used To Spread Ransomware. After being a target itself, Techlicious reported on a new scam where fake copyright violation notices are being used to trick people into downloading malware. With copyright law complicated enough and abuse examples so prevalent, this latest example only raises more concerning questions about how the confusing CASE Act could be abused.

New Startup Designed To Empower Creators. New startup Pietra is providing creators more accessibility into the creative industry by allowing individuals to design, manufacture and ship their brands from one centralized site. In an interview with Forbes, Pietra CEO Ronak Trivedi explains his inspiration and vision for the company: “I wanted to build something that allows Creators to own their audience and keep the same financial and creative control over their brand or product line, as they do with their content.”

Pinterest Launches New Video Feature. In an attempt to further embrace the creative community, Pinterest has launched a video-first feature called “Idea Pins” for creators who want to share their content using video, music, editing tools and other creative elements. “We believe the best inspiration comes from people who are fueled by their passions and want to bring positivity and creativity into the world,” said Pinterest co-founder and Chief Design and Creative Officer Evan Sharp.