Re:Create Recap – September 28, 2017

Meet Jake Roper: Host Of Vsauce3 And Online Video Star. From an early age, Jake Roper knew he wanted to express himself, but he wanted more than the traditional creative mediums to convey his personality. In the latest profile for the Re:Create Coalition’s New Creator series, Roper explains why he launched Vsauce3 in 2011. What first started as a comedy and gaming channel later transformed into an education and information platform providing commentary on the science of movies, TV, and video games. From examining whether someone could actually survive the homemade traps in the movie Home Alone, to analyzing the power of Captain America’s shield, Vsauce3 brings real life applications to fictional worlds. When Roper is not busy researching, writing and creating content for Vsauce, he works as Director of Production at Beme, a video-sharing app developed by a fellow YouTube star in 2016. Learn more about Jake Roper and his work by visiting him on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and

Re:Create Coalition Fights Back: NAFTA Must Include Fair Use.
If copyright is to be included in NAFTA renegotiations, the Re:Create Coalition and others continue to push for the inclusion of fair use and other copyright limitations/exceptions — as entertainment trade associations fight to keep out balanced copyright measures like fair use and safe harbors from the trade agreement. “We will continue to work with USTR to advocate for fair use language to be included at a later date,” the Coalition’s executive director Josh Lamel told Inside Trade. “I think it shows a lack of understanding of how the digital economy is working at best, and a willful picking of favorites, at worst. For an administration that cares greatly about jobs, it shows a complete lack of respect for the number of jobs that are based on fair use and the impact of those jobs on the economy and GDP. Our hope is that with continued advocacy understanding, USTR will recognize that this is important language.” According to a CCIA study, fair use industries account for 16% of the U.S. economy and employ 18 million American workers.

Music Streaming Sales Up 48% In 2017. Revenue from music streaming is up 48% this year, and there are more than 30 million people paying for a subscription service in the U.S., reported Recode’s Peter Kafka on September 20. Streaming services account for 62% of the U.S. music business which has helped boost the overall music industry. Additionally, retail sales and wholesale shipments were up 17% and 14.6%, respectively.

Did EU Bury Study On Impact Of Piracy? Gizmodo and other outlets reported on the recent discovery that the European Union suppressed a €360,000 commissioned study on the impact of piracy that concluded, “the results do not show robust statistical evidence of displacement of sales by online copyright infringements.” European digital rights group EDRi noted the suppression “seems to substantiate suspicion that the European Commission was hiding the study on purpose and cherry-picked the results they wanted to publish, by choosing only the results which supported their political agenda towards stricter copyright rules. It is clear the EU issued the report to use the economic impact of piracy as a justification for passing overly restrictive copyright rules.” The report was released after EU Member of Parliament Julia Reda tweeted it after filing a Freedom of Information request.