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Roundup from Day 4 of Fair Use Week 2016

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Check out all of the great posts from Day 4 of Fair Use Week 2016! Don’t see yours? Contact us to get yours added!


Swarthmore College Libraries, Warhol-esque soup can reading “Using old art to make new art is fair use,”promoting a library event for users to create transformative art


Radio Berkman, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, “How Fair Use Works, in Six Minutes or Less”


Amanda Wakaruk, copyright librarian, University of Alberta, “Canadian Crown Copyright Conundrum” (PDF), paper discussing inconsistent approaches to copyright for works published by the Canadian government and advocating following the model of the US government, most of whose works are in the public domain

Youth and Media, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, “Fair Use Resources,” three new resources: a Radio Berkman podcast on the basics of fair use, a guide for teachers to help students understand fair use, and an infographic to explain the fair use doctrine and provide examples of applying the four factors


Common Sense Media, animated video encouraging students to think about copyright law and appropriate ways to use original work responsibly

Dalhousie University Libraries, interview with assistant professor Mike Smit, School of Information Management, for Fair Dealing Week

Dalhousie University Libraries, interview with instructor Sasha Kondrashov, School of Social Work, for Fair Dealing Week

Blog/News Posts

Laura Burtle on Georgia State University Library blog, “Recent Developments in Fair Use Litigation”

Kyle K. Courtney on Copyright at Harvard Library blog, “Fair Use Week 2016: Day Four Interview With #WTFU Founders”

Nora Dethloff and Stephanie Lewin-Lane on University of Houston Libraries News blog, “Fair Use vs. Public Domain”

Teresa Hackett on EIFL blog, “Copyright for Today and Tomorrow (and Is There Life on Mars?)”

Heather Hughes in Western News, “Copyright Education Process Continues for Adam”

Brandy Karl on Penn State Copyright Portal blog, “Transformative Fair Use: A Mashup T-Shirt Roundup”

Lydia Pallas Loren on Authors Alliance blog, “Fair Use as More Than Just a ‘Defense’ to Infringement”

Meera Nair on Fair Duty blog, “Fair Use Denied—Part IV”

Megan O’Donnell on Scholarly Communication @ Iowa State University Library blog, “President Obama Nominates Dr. Carla Hayden for Librarian of Congress”

Tammy Ravas on District Dispatch blog, “Everyday Fair Use in Libraries”

Roxanne Shirazi on City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center Library blog, “Fair Use Week: Copyright and Your Dissertation”

Anna Simon on Ars Hoya blog, “Nostalgia Critic Defends Fair Use YouTube Clips”

Maira Sutton on Electronic Frontier Foundation blog, “The Murky Waters of International Copyright Law”

Peggy Tahir on UCSF Libraries In Plain Sight blog, “Fair Use Week, Day Four: Stream It!”