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Roundup from Day 5 of Fair Use Week 2016

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Check out all of the great posts from Day 5 of Fair Use Week 2016! Don’t see yours? Contact us to get yours added!


Kyle K. Courtney and Sarah W. Searle, authors, and Jackie Roche, illustrator and author, “Bill Graham Archives v. DK: Music Promoter’s Archives vs. Publisher” (PDF)

Kyle K. Courtney and Sarah W. Searle, authors, and Jackie Roche, illustrator and author, “Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music: Hip Hop Musicians vs. Music Publishers” (PDF)


Janita Burgess, Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), “OTW Legal Answers Your Fair Use Week Questions!”


Brigham Young University, single-question quiz to test your understanding of whether 2 Live Crew’s parody of Roy Orbison’s song “Oh, Pretty Woman” is fair use

Blog/News Posts

ArtfixDaily Artwire blog, “The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Announces Pioneering New Fair Use Image Policy”

Australian Digital Alliance, “Fair Use Week: Why Do We Want Fair Use in Australia?”

Casey Fiesler on Computing, Copyright, Community blog, “Remixers’ Understandings of Fair Use Online (CSCW 2014)”

Raoul Grifoni-Waterman on Authors Alliance blog, “International Fair Use Developments: Is Fair Use Going Global?”

Elliot Harmon on Electronic Frontier Foundation blog, “Content ID and the Rise of the Machines”

Tom Lipinski on District Dispatch blog, “Congress Stands Still; Technology, the Courts and Fair Use Marches Onwards!”

Meera Nair on Fair Duty blog, “Fair Use Denied—Part V”

New Media Rights blog, “Fair Use = Millions of Individuals Exercising Their Freedom of Expression Every Day. Happy #fairuseweek2016!”

Mary Beth Quirk on Consumerist blog, “Fairly Used: Why Schools Need to Teach Kids the Whole Truth about Copyright”

Matthew Rimmer on Copyright at Harvard Library blog, “Malcolm Turnbull, Copyright Law Reform, and the Innovation Agenda”

Jacob Rogers on Wikimedia blog, “Fairer than Fair: A History of Fair Use on Wikipedia”

Carrie Russell on District Dispatch blog, “Negativland and Fair Use”

US National Telecommunications and Information Administration blog, “The Need for Fair Use Guidelines for Remixes”