The Next Register of Copyrights Must Be Accountable To American Consumers

“With the next Register of Copyrights likely being announced soon, Re:Create reiterates our call that the next Register assume the Office with accountability to ALL stakeholders in the copyright system, including American consumers and new creators,” said Josh Lamel, executive director of Re:Create.

“The Copyright Office has made encouraging progress in recent years to modernize its capabilities for the 21st century and to broaden its understanding of what copyright means in the digital age. However, the Office continues to neglect the voices of the American public and new generations of creators. The unbalanced views of the Office’s recent DMCA Section 512 study did not adequately consider new creators or consumers as relevant stakeholders.

“Allowing public participation in the process is not by itself enough — the Copyright Office must also give equal weight to varied views. It is time for the next Register to take the next step: be inclusive and see the American public as the primary constituency — not just rightsholders.

“The Register of Copyrights is charged with delivering on the Constitution’s promise ‘to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts’ in order to support the advancement of culture, creativity and boost access to information. We hope that the new Register will take this opportunity to value and meet the needs of all stakeholders, including new creators and the American public.”