What is the Copyright Claims Board?

Congress passed the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act to create a Copyright Claims Board (CCB) in 2020. The CCB is a quasi-judicial tribunal launched in 2022 and intended to create a “small claims court” for copyright infringement cases.

Below are resources on the CCB. These materials do not constitute legal advice. To understand how the laws and regulations impact you, we recommend that you speak to an attorney or an organization like the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We remain concerned that the CASE Act’s passage will still expose ordinary Americans to tens of thousands of dollars in damages, be used to target schools, small business, nonprofits and religious institutions, and ultimately be found unconstitutional.

Resources on the CCB

Copyright Claims Board official website

Frequently Asked Questions – Copyright Office

Association of Research Libraries (ARL)’s CCB Toolkit

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Copyright “Small Claims” Quasi-Court Opens. Here’s Why Many Defendants Will Opt Out.