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Re:Create Recap – November 17, 2016

Meet Kat Lazo: New Creator And MiTu Video Producer. In the second profile in the Re:Create Coalition’s “New Creator” series, Kat Lazo explains how she carved her own path using the internet to become a new creator and video producer for MiTu, a digital platform aimed at Latino audiences. “I wanted to impact the industry when it comes to women…

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New Creator Profile: Kat Lazo, MiTú Video Producer

Kat Lazo carved her own path to become a new creator and producer for MiTú, a digital platform aimed at Latino audiences, that wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. As a young student with dreams of becoming an actress, she attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She studied advertising and marketing at the Fashion…

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Re:Create Recap – November 3, 2016

SCOTUS Considers Dancing Baby And Cheerleader Uniform Copyright Cases. What do cheerleader uniforms and cute baby videos have in common? The U.S. Supreme Court is looking at copyright cases on these two issues, examining the legal standards for fair use and uniform design copyrights. On October 31, The New York Times reported that the Court heard arguments on whether cheerleader…

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Re:Create Recap – October 27, 2016

Register Of Copyrights Departs Copyright Office. Maria Pallante is no longer the Register of Copyrights — the top position in the Copyright Office — reports Roll Call this week. Karyn Temple Claggett, the current associate register, will lead the office in the interim as the Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden plans to conduct a search for a new permanent register….

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Re:Create Recap – October 20, 2016

Public Records In Danger After University Of Iowa Claims Copyright. The University of Iowa recently blocked footage from its 2008 flooding for use in a documentary, reported the Des Moines Register on Oct. 19. In University of Iowa claims copyright law to block use of flood video, Jason Clayworth explains how, if successful, the Universities claim to block use of…

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Copyright on the Campaign Trail

At this point in the election cycle, the discussion about who will be elected as our next president dominates the 24 hour news cycle, water cooler conversations and our social media feeds. As political campaigns create videos, news clips, advertisements and other content to inform and influence the outcome of the election, they are coming into contact with an important…

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Re:Create Recap – October 6, 2016

Meet Becky Boop! Re:Create Profiles New Creators. Becky Boop started on YouTube “just for fun,” but her online presence has grown to 50,000 subscribers with five million views on her two channels, Instagamrr and Becky Boop. Rebecca Prince — the woman behind the Becky Boop name — started the channel to explore copyright, fair use, online harassment, and other internet…

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New Creator Profile: Rebecca Prince aka “Becky Boop”

Rebecca Prince started a gaming channel on YouTube “just for fun” but within two months, she had more than 10,000 subscribers tuning in to get her gaming tips and reactions. Since first starting her own channel in August 2014, Prince has established two popular channels, Instagamrr and Becky Boop, with a combined 50,000 subscribers and 5 million views. As her…

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The European Commission’s copyright proposal: the end of the Digital Single Market’s ambitions?

By: Maud Sacquet : Originally Posted On: Project Disco

“To make the EU’s single market fit for the digital age”, by “bringing down barriers to unlock online opportunities” was one of the priorities of the current European Commission. This objective would be reached by “improving access to digital goods and services”, creating “an environment where digital networks and services can proposer” and by “ensuring that Europe’s economy, industry and…

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Dirty 30 Demonstrates the Synergy Between the Internet and the Entertainment Industry

By: Jonathan Band : Originally Posted On: Project Disco

Today’s opening of the film Dirty 30 provides the latest example of the Internet helping grow the entertainment industry by providing new talent, distribution channels, and marketing opportunities. The film stars what has been called YouTube’s “Holy Trinity,” Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart, and it is being released through streaming sites as well as movie theatres. Hannah Hart…

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