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Re:Create Recap October 10, 2019

ACLU Says CASE Act Threatens Free Speech. In a new op-ed, ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel Kate Ruane joined the growing chorus of voices urging Congress to fix the bill to “ensure there are proper safeguards to protect the freedom of speech and due process.” Ruane warned of problems with the bill’s creation of a new Copyright Claims Board: “The last…

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Re:Create Recap September 26, 2019

CASE Act Fact Sheet: Good Intention, Bad Result. The Re:Create Coalition released a fact sheet on the CASE Act to serve as a helpful resource for anyone working to understand the bill and the flaws that must be addressed before it is passed into law. The document breaks down the bill’s lack of legal clarity, constitutional challenges and provisions that…

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The CASE Act: Good Intention, Bad Result

The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019 (CASE Act) is intended to create a small claims court for copyright proceedings at the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress where those who think their copyright is being infringed can bring actions against infringers. However, the CASE Act will actually create a likely unconstitutional process leading to litigation abuse…

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The Case Against The CASE Act: Special Edition

As the U.S. House Judiciary Committee prepares to take up the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act this week, members of the Re:Create Coalition and other groups continue to raise their concerns with the flawed bill that tramples on Americans’ due process rights and the constitutional role of our courts. See below for more on why the bill…

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U.S. Copyright Law Glossary

Understanding our nation’s copyright law is important, but also complex. This glossary of key copyright terms is a resource to help promote informed discussions about copyright policy.

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Time to Go Back to the Drawing Board on the CASE Act

**IN CASE YOU MISSED IT** In an op-ed for Morning Consult, Re:Create Coalition Executive Director Joshua Lamel examines the flawed details of the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act and how it “ignores the realities of copyright infringement and copyright law.”  Below are excerpts and a full copy of the op-ed can be found here.  “Sometimes a bill…

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