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2022’s Top Moments of Online Creativity

In the midst of the greatest boom in creativity the world has ever seen, 2022 marked another year of memorable and innovative online moments. From the emergence of new apps and growth of existing platforms to streaming records and new viral dances and videos, 2022 was filled with milestones for a growing industry of online creators and entrepreneurs…and opportunities to…

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JCPA Incentivizes Mis- and Dis-Information

The internet has empowered a new era of access to information. Just as important as access to that information is its quality. Platforms like Facebook and Google are dedicated to supporting a safe and trusted internet. Known as content moderation, the practices include labeling, downranking, fact-checking and removing content that is extreme or harmful. This includes content associated with mis-…

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Visualizing Congress’ Big Media Bailout

The vast majority of the newspapers across the United States are owned by a handful of huge media corporations, and the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) stands to further entrench their power. The below map is a start at capturing the sheer scope and reach that just 3 single companies have on local journalism in America. Gannett, Alden Global…

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Eye-Popping Numbers Behind The JCPA’s Biggest Supporters

Top Six Quantifiable Concerns with the JCPA The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), S. 673, is supported by some of America’s biggest media conglomerates responsible for the decline of local journalism. Their lobbyists are working overtime to pass the JCPA so massive media ownership companies like Gannett, Alden Global Capital and Sinclair Broadcast Group can boost their revenues, double…

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JCPA: All the News That’s Fit to Buy

In the spring of 2020, most Americans were focused on how to stop the spread of coronavirus, how to stay in business and how to take care of their families. While most of the country was preoccupied with surviving lockdown, one hedge fund was obsessed with a campaign to make more money off journalism. Heath Freeman is the managing director…

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Correcting Senator Klobuchar’s JCPA Myths with the Facts

Myth: The JCPA will benefit small and medium news publishers. “It’s also focused on small and medium news organization. It excludes news organizations owned by foreign governments and publications. With more than 1500 full time employees, which would include the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. They are excluded as well as the major national…

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