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JCPA’s National Security Threat: A China-Sized Loophole

Late last year, a bipartisan array of public interest advocates, media organizations and tech experts urged Congressional leaders to exclude the deeply flawed Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Widespread antipathy to the JCPA has been long-standing, and its list of problems remains extensive. But when the bill was discussed in the context…

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Re:Create Statement On Omnibus Bill Not Containing JCPA

Re:Create issued the following statement thanking Congressional leaders for keeping the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) out of end-of-year, spending legislation: “The JCPA is a highly-controversial piece of legislation that did not belong in any end-of-year spending packages, and we are thankful Congressional leaders recognized this basic fact and successfully kept the JCPA out of the omnibus and all…

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2022’s Top Moments of Online Creativity

In the midst of the greatest boom in creativity the world has ever seen, 2022 marked another year of memorable and innovative online moments. From the emergence of new apps and growth of existing platforms to streaming records and new viral dances and videos, 2022 was filled with milestones for a growing industry of online creators and entrepreneurs…and opportunities to…

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JCPA Incentivizes Mis- and Dis-Information

The internet has empowered a new era of access to information. Just as important as access to that information is its quality. Platforms like Facebook and Google are dedicated to supporting a safe and trusted internet. Known as content moderation, the practices include labeling, downranking, fact-checking and removing content that is extreme or harmful. This includes content associated with mis-…

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