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It’s A Wonderful Internet: A Decade of Creativity & Economic Growth

It’s been 10 years since the disastrous SOPA/PIPA legislation was rejected by the American people and Congress. But what if it had passed?  We take a look back on how different our everyday lives and culture would be if SOPA PIPA had been enacted. Hollywood’s cultural gatekeepers tried to leverage their lobbying power a decade ago to decide the rules…

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Copyright Corner Q&A Series: David R. Craig, USC Annenberg School

Our second installment features a discussion about “social media entertainment” (SME) with David R. Craig, a clinical professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Professor Craig helped coin the term to characterize “a new cultural industry that is most distinguished by how creators operate off of social media platforms.” He helps explain why these new SME creators…

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2021’s Top Moments of Online Creativity

From influencers making TikTok videos at the White House, to the surge in platforms that help online creators earn money, 2021 was yet another exceptional year for online creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Below is Re:Create’s annual list of online creativity highlights — all made possible by platforms that rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). → Bernie Sanders’ mittens…

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Small Publishers, Consumer Advocates, Librarians, Academics & Tech Agree

A Link-And-Snippet Tax Is Not The Answer to Promote Local Journalism A diverse group of voices told the U.S. Copyright Office that creating a new ancillary copyright would amount to a “link-and-snippet tax” that is unconstitutional, harmful for small publishers and unlikely to address the problem its intended to solve: the decline in local journalism. First and foremost, links and…

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New Copyright Corner Q&A Series Features Shira Perlmutter As First Guest

Re:Create is launching a new “Copyright Corner” Q&A series to feature conversations with leading policymakers, academics and thought leaders to break down complex copyright issues and examine how copyright interacts with American jobs, creativity and innovation. Anyone reading this blog understands just how complex copyright law is. While a core reason for this series is to foster a better understanding…

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