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European Commission Publishes Assessment on Takedown of Illegal Content

By: Heather Greenfield : Originally Posted On: CCIA

Brussels — The European Commission published today it’s “Progress Report towards an effective and genuine Security Union”. This report includes the first reporting following the publication in March of the Recommendation on measures to effectively tackle illegal content online. The Computer & Communications Industry Association shares the Commission’s goal of fighting illegal content online and welcomes its acknowledgment that progress…

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European Parliament Committee Vote on Copyright Ignores Warnings From Academics, Civil Rights Groups and Online Sector

By: Heather Greenfield : Originally Posted On: CCIA

Brussels — The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament today adopted its report on the copyright proposal. MEPs adopted upload filters for online platforms and narrowly voted to introduce a publishers’ right, the so-called “link tax”.  The report is expected to be up for discussion at the European Parliament plenary session, likely in early July. Hundreds of academics, civil…

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EU Parliament Must Step Up After Council Adopts Ill-Advised Copyright Position

By: By: Laura Blanco : Originally Posted On: CDT

May 25th, 2018, not only marked the day the GDPR entered into force, but was also the day that the Council’s permanent representatives committee (Coreper) agreed on a common position on the European Commission’s draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. To the disappointment of ourselves and many others, Member State governments did not deviate substantially from the…

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CCIA Joins Copyright Day of Action

By: Maud Sacquet : Originally Posted On: CCIA

Brussels, BELGIUM — CCIA Europe joins internet users, digital rights groups, scientific and research institutions, publishers and technology businesses today (Tuesday) for a Copyright Day of Action. Unfortunately, European Member States have adopted in May a very disappointing position on Copyright reform, impacting the freedom of expression and access to information of Internet users as well as many businesses across…

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Proposed EU Copyright Directive Poses Risks to Free Expression, Consumer Privacy, and Competition

By: Benjamin Austin : Originally Posted On: Public Knowledge

  Learn more about the June 12 EU Day of Action to delete Article 13 at  EU Copyright Directive On June 20-21, the European Parliament will vote on the European Commission’s update of the Copyright Directive. The Directive aims to modernize the EU’s copyright rules to handle problems posed by the evolving digital world, with the stated goal of…

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Five years of consistent revenue growth for the U.S. recorded music industry

By: Maud Sacquet : Originally Posted On: Project Disco

Once again, tales of the demise of the music industry appear to have been exaggerated. Revenue figures for recorded music in the U.S. show strong growth in 2017, both at wholesale value (12.6% to $5.9 billion) and at estimated retail value (16.5% to $8.7 billion). According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), “total revenues from streaming platforms were…

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Re:Create Recap – Trade Edition – April 19, 2018

With reports that there could be a renegotiated NAFTA agreement in the next several weeks, below is Re:Create’s recap of resources to help readers better understand how balanced copyright will help keep America winning online.  Public Interest Groups And Tech Organizations Urge Balanced Copyright System In NAFTA. A compilation of letters from various public interest groups and tech organizations to…

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Copyright Reform: European Creators, Artists and Users Reject Upload Filtering

By: By: Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Laura Blanco : Originally Posted On: CDT

By now, the background to the DSM Copyright Directive is well-known. The global recording industry convinced European Commissioners about the existence of the “value gap”. The story goes that advertising-funded internet platforms that enable users to upload copyrighted content should pay record labels a larger share of their revenues. At the core, this is a commercial dispute between Youtube and…

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Re:Create Recap – April 12, 2018

The “Blurred Lines” Between Inspiration and Imitation. What kind of impact has the “Blurred Lines” copyright lawsuit had on the music industry? Rolling Stone found that the verdict has resulted in “more infringement cases…even if the merits of the claim are ‘marginal.’” The industry is seeing more copyright lawyers and forensic musicologists as artists and labels witness growing uncertainty over…

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Re:Create Recap – March 29, 2018

RSVP: Learn How Libraries Support The New Creative Economy. The American Library Association will host a Capitol Hill briefing on April 11 with President Jim Neal, New Mexico Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and the DC Public Library to explain how libraries are advancing the new creative economy “by providing the general public access to technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing…

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