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Re:Create Recap March 12, 2020

Online Copyright Infringement Declining With Help Of America’s Balanced Copyright Policies. Despite misleading claims by the entertainment industry, data shows that copyright infringement is on the decline worldwide thanks to America’s notice and takedown system and increased access to legitimate content. Furthermore, a recent analysis indicates that over 99% of the problem comes from countries other than the U.S. Check…

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Re:Create Recap February 27, 2020

The DMCA Works: Reddit & GitHub Release Transparency Reports. TorrentFreak reported on both Reddit and GitHub’s recently released transparency reports, including the number of copyright takedown notices in 2019. Though there was a significant increase in the number of Reddit takedown notices, 27% of them were denied because no actual infringement was found, among other reasons. “While this might be…

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Re:Create Recap February 13, 2020

DMCA Original Bill Author Praises Its Record Of Success. Senator Patrick Leahy, an original co-author of the the bipartisan bill highlighted its success in opening remarks at the hearing: “The DMCA has been a success for 22 years…Congress needs to ensure any adjustments are balanced and protect innovation and copyright.” ReCreate Coalition Lauds DMCA’s Bipartisan Origins, Continued Effectiveness. Following the…

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Re:Create Recap January 31, 2020

Media Outlet Fears Bankruptcy Due To Excessive Statutory Damages In Copyright. The Orange County Breeze, a southern California online news outlet detailed the challenges it faced after receiving a DMCA takedown notice for a low-resolution photo published with an article years ago. While conducting an internal review of other potential copyright liability, the publisher informed readers the outlet was suspending…

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Re:Create Recap January 16, 2020

Save The Date: Copyright Week 2020: The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will host its annual Copyright Week celebration January 20-24. Focusing on the themes of fair use and creativity, copyright and competition, remedies, the public domain and copyright and democracy, the focused week is an opportunity to comment and engage with others about the need for balanced and fair copyright…

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Re:Create Recap December 19, 2019

Librarian Of Congress Names Maria Strong As Acting Register of Copyrights. The Re:Create Coalition issued a statement in support of Maria Strong after Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden named her as Acting Register of Copyrights and Director of Copyright Policy On December 18. “Maria brings to this position a decade of service at the U.S. Copyright Office, and we look…

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Re:Create Recap December 5, 2019

How Copyright Trolls Work In Practice. Techdirt highlighted how copyright trolls take advantage of ordinary Americans’ lack of legal knowledge to demand more money than is even allowable under the law. In some cases, a rightsholder can only obtain “actual damages” rather than statutory damages, which must exclude attorney’s fees. Because most Americans aren’t certain of the law, they just…

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Re:Create Recap November 14, 2019

CASE Act A Prime Target For Abuse. Radio and Television Business Report (RBR+TVBR) elevated concerns with the CASE Act and how it could open opportunities for copyright trolls looking to abuse the new system. While Dorsey & Whitney partner Fara Sunderji acknowledged that the bill was crafted to make it easier for copyright owners to assert their rights, he also…

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