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2021’s Top Moments of Online Creativity

From influencers making TikTok videos at the White House, to the surge in platforms that help online creators earn money, 2021 was yet another exceptional year for online creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Below is Re:Create’s annual list of online creativity highlights — all made possible by platforms that rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). → Bernie Sanders’ mittens…

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Small Publishers, Consumer Advocates, Librarians, Academics & Tech Agree

A Link-And-Snippet Tax Is Not The Answer to Promote Local Journalism A diverse group of voices told the U.S. Copyright Office that creating a new ancillary copyright would amount to a “link-and-snippet tax” that is unconstitutional, harmful for small publishers and unlikely to address the problem its intended to solve: the decline in local journalism. First and foremost, links and…

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New Copyright Corner Q&A Series Features Shira Perlmutter As First Guest

Re:Create is launching a new “Copyright Corner” Q&A series to feature conversations with leading policymakers, academics and thought leaders to break down complex copyright issues and examine how copyright interacts with American jobs, creativity and innovation. Anyone reading this blog understands just how complex copyright law is. While a core reason for this series is to foster a better understanding…

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Copyright Regulator Eases Restrictions on Research, Education, and Repair

By: Kit Walsh : Originally Posted On: EFF Deep Links

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has interfered with a staggering array of speech and innovation, from security research to accessibility for those with disabilities to remix and even repair. By forbidding unauthorized access to a copyrighted work—even for purposes that don’t infringe copyright—the DMCA effectively erased over a century of law that limits copyright to protect free expression. Every three years,…

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If It’s Open, Is It Accessible?

By: Pascal Calarco : Originally Posted On: ARL

The library and open access (OA) publishing communities have made great strides in making more new scholarship openly available. But have we included readers with vision challenges in our OA plans? Only an estimated 7% of all printed works are available in accessible format, and that statistic might not significantly differ for digital scholarship worldwide. Through the Association of Research Libraries (ARL)…

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Hollywood is betting on filtering mandates, but copyright algorithms simply don’t exist

By Joshua Lamel, Executive Director  Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen may not have mentioned copyright in her Congressional testimony or television interviews, but her focus on artificial intelligence (“AI”) and content moderation have a lot of implications for online copyright issues.  For the last decade, Hollywood, the music industry and others have been pushing for more technical solutions for online copyright…

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Everything About the Section 1201 Process is Mad

By: Kathleen Burke : Originally Posted On: Public Knowledge

In middle school, I played Alice in our school’s production of Alice and Wonderland. Back then I had blonde hair, and most importantly, could memorize more lines than most of my peers. At the end of the play, I had to defend the Knave of Hearts for his alleged burglary of the Queen of Hearts’ tarts—a trial that grew increasingly…

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Empowering Libraries to Lend Out Ebooks

By: Anna Hickey : Originally Posted On: Public Knowledge

The COVID-19 pandemic upended life in March 2020. Almost everything was forced online to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, and libraries were not exempted. When the pandemic hit, many libraries were forced to get creative on how to safely interact with their patrons. Libraries had started to invest in enabling online access to books and other materials before…

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Re:Create Joins Right-to-Repair, Copyright Appeal for COVID-19 TRIPS Waiver

On September 27, Re:Create joined a number of organizations in urging President Biden to include copyright in the WTO TRIPS waiver for COVID-19. The waiver should not be limited to patents for vaccines; copyright applies to the algorithms in mRNA vaccines and the software in medical equipment. Re:Create previously praised the Biden-Harris Administration when Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced U.S….

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Library Of Congress National Book Festival Uses Social Media To Expand Reach

The annual Library of Congress National Book Festival kicks off this week with the theme “Open a Book, Open the World.’ In line with the theme, this year’s event features a story map that features books from across the globe. The festival’s broad integration of social media also tells the story of how important the Library of Congress, home to…

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