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The Consequences of Regulatory Capture at the Copyright Office

By: Meredith Whipple : Originally Posted On: Public Knowledge

Today, Public Knowledge released a report examining the role of regulatory capture—both its sources and its consequences—at the U.S. Copyright Office. You can download the report, “Captured: Systemic Bias at the U.S. Copyright Office,” here. Regulatory capture occurs when a government agency is consistently or repeatedly directed away from the public interest and toward the interests of the regulated industry….

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Public Knowledge Launches Report on Systemic Bias at the U.S. Copyright Office

By: Shiva Stella : Originally Posted On: Public Knowledge

Today we’re releasing our newest report, “Captured: Systemic Bias at the U.S. Copyright Office.” This report examines the role of industry capture and the revolving door between the major entertainment industries and the Copyright Office, and the implications that capture has had on the policies the Office embraces. In the report, we investigate how the Copyright Office: Regularly contorts basic…

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Court of Justice of the EU Rules on the Legality of Hyperlinking

By: Heather Greenfield : Originally Posted On: CCIA

Brussels, BELGIUM — Today the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) delivered its judgment in the GS Media case (Case C-160/15). The case centered on the question whether hyperlinking to content that has been uploaded illegally constitutes a ‘communication to the public’ which is an exclusive right under EU copyright rules. The case can be considered as a follow-up…

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EU Copyright Proposals: Do Two Wrongs Make an Ancillary Right?

By: By: Stan Adams : Originally Posted On: CDT

Statewatch recently leaked a draft (PDF) of the European Commission’s Impact Assessment (IA) regarding its proposals to ‘modernise’ copyright in the EU. This leak was followed a few days later by a second: a draft directive mirroring the proposals recommended by the IA. Copyright reform is one part of the Commission’s efforts to develop a Digital Single Market (DSM) for…

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Re:Create Recap – September 29, 2016

Mozilla Campaign Pokes Fun At Europe’s Copyright Directive.The Next Web reports that Mozilla has launched a campaign to stop the EU’s copyright directive by using parody videos to poke fun at the proposal’s most absurd ideas like making the sharing of GIFs and memes illegal. The internet company is also encouraging users to “rebel” by posting selfies in front of…

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Re:Create Recap – September 22, 2016

Financial Times Editorial Board: Is EU Copyright Proposal A Case Of Misunderstanding? With the attention focused on the European Commission’s controversial copyright plan, the Financial Times weighed in with a September 20 editorial, Brussels takes a backward step on digital copyright, that questions the commission’s basic understanding stating, “The kindest interpretation would be that the commission has misunderstood the digital…

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Re:Create Recap – September 15, 2016

Engine Announced As Newest Member Of Re:Create Coalition. Evan Engstrom, Executive Director of Engine, announced the group has joined the Re:Create Coalition in a Medium blog post this morning. Founded in 2011, Engine is a policy, advocacy, and research organization supporting startups as an engine for economic growth and is also known for being instrumental in the defeat of SOPA/PIPA…

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Re:Create Recap – September 8, 2016

Europe’s Draft Copyright Proposal Leaves Nobody Happy. “It’s almost as if the [European] Commission is trying to kill off copyright, the press, and the internet, all in one proposal,” copyright lawyer Remy Chavannes told Politico amidst continuing news coverage of the European Commission’s proposed copyright directive. Yelp’s head of public policy, Kostas Rossoglou, added, “The leaked EU copyright ‘reform’ proposal…

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A Day in the Life of Fair Use at School

From when the first period bell rings, to mid-term exams and musical recitals, the principle of fair use is a regular part of life at school. And, its prevalence is expanding as more teaching and learning is done online. So, as students and teachers begin the 2016-2017 school year, Re:Create developed an infographic to demonstrate the many different ways they…

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Re:Create Recap – September 1, 2016

Re:Create At SXSW 2017 – Last Chance To Vote! For a second consecutive year, the Re:Create Coalition is applying to bring the copyright conversation to SXSW. Our panel, Know Your CopyRIGHTS as a Digital Creator, features a YouTube personality, journalist/author and a digital attorney discussing fair use, what is considered infringement and other complex copyright regulations. Voting closes tomorrow, so…

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