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Over the span of just two decades, the internet has unlocked the gates to the new creative economy. Today, creators can use a wide range of internet platforms to offer their art, videos, photographs, music and more directly to national and even global audiences — and earn money while pursuing their creative passions. In 2016, nearly 15 million Americans from across the country used internet platforms like Amazon Publishing, Instagram, Etsy and YouTube to earn income, driving the growth and expansion of the dynamic, multibillion-dollar new creative economy.

Click around the map below to see the total number of creators and their earnings in every state, and download a sheet with more data on each state.

New Creative Economy By the Numbers
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Now anyone with a creative idea and a Wi-Fi signal can be successful and make money on the internet, reaching millions around the globe. This first-of-its kind analysis examines just the tip of the iceberg of the entire new creative economy, demonstrating that millions of Americans rely on the balanced copyright policies that support internet platforms like Amazon Publishing, Instagram, Etsy and YouTube.

You can click below to download the full Re:Create report on the new creative economy.

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