The New Creator Economy Growth & Impact

Today, anyone with a creative idea and a wifi signal can be successful and make money on the internet, reaching people and new markets around the globe almost instantly. Creators ranging from artists to musicians, writers, gamers and crafters are contributing billions of dollars to the U.S. economy and earning more money than ever before.  See below for more on…

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Fair Use at SXSW

You may not know it, but you would likely be violating copyright law every day and subject to hefty fines if it wasn’t for a legal doctrine called fair use.  We recognize that as important as fair use is, it is a complicated principle that needs help explaining.  So, Re:Create is launching a series of “day in the life” infographics…

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Fair Use at CES 2017

Today, CES 2017 kicks off in Las Vegas as tech innovators, enthusiasts, and consumers, along with policy makers and the media watch to see what next big thing is going to change our lives.  The premier launch event for new technology and innovation, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, is celebrating its 50th anniversary and serves as a reminder of…

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Copyright on the Campaign Trail

At this point in the election cycle, the discussion about who will be elected as our next president dominates the 24 hour news cycle, water cooler conversations and our social media feeds. As political campaigns create videos, news clips, advertisements and other content to inform and influence the outcome of the election, they are coming into contact with an important…

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A Day in the Life of Fair Use at School

From when the first period bell rings, to mid-term exams and musical recitals, the principle of fair use is a regular part of life at school. And, its prevalence is expanding as more teaching and learning is done online. So, as students and teachers begin the 2016-2017 school year, Re:Create developed an infographic to demonstrate the many different ways they…

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