Copy This Podcast Episode 13: Copyright: The Conservative Curveball

Is copyright one of those rare policy issues that can bring Republicans and Democrats together in agreement? In a conversation about copyright with FreedomWorks Chief Economist Wayne Brough, Kirby Ferguson tries to break down the complex and evolving relationship between conservatives and copyright law in the digital age. In response to questions about our nation’s copyright law serving as a…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 12: Copying is Human Nature

Libraries are often overlooked for the important role they play in serving the common good: preserving important works to make knowledge accessible to the public, no matter your station in life.  In this latest episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with Laura Quilter, Copyright and Information Policy Librarian at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, about the role copyright…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 11: Pop Culture and the Public Domain

In the 11th episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with James Boyle, law professor at Duke and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain. He is also the co-author of the graphic novels Theft! A History of Music and Bound By Law. The public domain is composed of books, songs, movies, artwork and other…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 10: Exporting Balanced Copyright In A Renegotiated NAFTA

As representatives from the United States, Canada and Mexico continue to renegotiate NAFTA, host Kirby Ferguson sits down with University of Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist in the tenth installment of Copy This to discuss how intellectual property and copyright fits into the trade agreement. While trade agreements were once designed to remove barriers to trade and eliminate tariffs on…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 9: Parody Isn’t Always a Laughing Matter

From social media, to videos, to 24-hour cable news, media has a significant influence over how we perceive the modern world. With such a pervasive influence, it is subject to wide criticism and commentary. In the 9th episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with Jack Lerner, Clinical Professor of Law at the University of California-Irvine about the right…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 8: Cosplay, Copyright and Comic-Con

In the eighth episode of Copy This, Kirby sits down with Betsy Rosenblatt, legal chair for the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), and Sherlock Holmes superfan. Released as OTW and the Re:Create Coalition head to Comic-Con International in San Diego, Betsy points out during the discussion that almost everything that happens at Comic-Con relies on fair use, even taking a…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 7: A New Kind of CEO: Creators In The Digital Age

In the seventh episode of Copy This, Kirby Ferguson sits down with YouTube superstar Peter Hollens to find out what it takes to be a successful a cappella singer and online entrepreneur in today’s digital world. It turns out, there is much more to being an digital star than just creating music. Hollens may have started out as a one…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 6: Copyright Reform To Geek Out Your Toaster? There’s Legislation for That.

In the sixth episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold (TX-27) about the copyright debates driving conversations among members of Congress. A key issue for Rep. Farenthold, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, is how the prevalence of copyrighted software in everyday devices (smartphones and thermostats to appliances and cars) prevents owners from…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 5: Copyright Drives the Beat of Social Justice

The latest episode of Copy This will have you humming along to classic melodies by the Beatles, and more current rhythmic jives to help introduce listeners to the role copyright law plays in enabling social justice movements. While many may think about copyright law in terms of music, books and movies and how to access them, Lateef Mtima, Professor of…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 4: Everything About Fair Use

If it is February, it is time to commemorate the importance of Fair Use. This week, Re:Create is proud to take part in the Association of Research Library’s annual Fair Use Week. While those of us at Re:Create recognize just how important and prevalent the principle of fair use is in our lives, especially in this digital age, we also…

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