Copy This Podcast Episode 14: Do You Know How To #dotheshiggy?

If you were a victim of the now infamous viral “rickroll” gag, you may not have even known it would mark your place in a broader viral movement that transcended languages and actually led to the revival of Rick Astley’s career. In the latest Copy This podcast, host Kirby Ferguson points back to this and other peak viral moments when examining the popularity of Drake’s song “In My Feelings.” The song was a summer hit and rose to the top of the charts thanks, in large part, to the help of a viral dance craze by Instagram comedian Shiggy.

The song and hashtag #dotheshiggy demonstrate the role the internet has played in changing the way fans participate in culture today, sometimes serving as co-authors of popular works. Through a close look at “In My Feelings” and its rise in the charts, a conversation with music business executive, cultural critic, and media professor Casey Rae, and a fun review of other viral sensations (remember “Sad Affleck”?), this latest podcast will help you better understand  how fans and artists are all benefitting from these cultural events with the help of our nation’s carefully balanced copyright laws.

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