Copy This Podcast Episode 8: Cosplay, Copyright and Comic-Con

In the eighth episode of Copy This, Kirby sits down with Betsy Rosenblatt, legal chair for the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), and Sherlock Holmes superfan. Released as OTW and the Re:Create Coalition head to Comic-Con International in San Diego, Betsy points out during the discussion that almost everything that happens at Comic-Con relies on fair use, even taking a photo and posting it online. But another aspect of Comic-Con that relies heavily on copyright law is the concept of fanworks, new creations based on existing creations. Fanworks are produced and written by fans of popular books, movies, and tv shows. Franchises like Star Wars and have been transformed into works of fan fiction. In addition, fanworks go way beyond fan fiction and can include art, games, video montages, cosplay. Even dressing up as Batman or Wonder Woman for Halloween or baking a Mickey Mouse birthday cake count as fanworks.

As OTW celebrates its 10th anniversary, Betsy discusses the vast range that fanworks can take, the profound impact the internet has had on fanworks, and why she works with OTW to fight back against Hollywood studios to advocate for fanworks as fair use.

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