Copy This Podcast Episode 5: Copyright Drives the Beat of Social Justice

The latest episode of Copy This will have you humming along to classic melodies by the Beatles, and more current rhythmic jives to help introduce listeners to the role copyright law plays in enabling social justice movements. While many may think about copyright law in terms of music, books and movies and how to access them, Lateef Mtima, Professor of…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 4: Everything About Fair Use

If it is February, it is time to commemorate the importance of Fair Use. This week, Re:Create is proud to take part in the Association of Research Library’s annual Fair Use Week. While those of us at Re:Create recognize just how important and prevalent the principle of fair use is in our lives, especially in this digital age, we also…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 3: Notice And Takedown: Leave It Be

Is it time to change our nation’s copyright law? In the third episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with Mark Lemley, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and the Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology, about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Despite all that has changed since passage of the 1998 law, which…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 2: A New Era at the Copyright Office

In the second episode of the Copy This Podcast, host Kirby Ferguson talks with Re:Create’s Executive Director Joshua Lamel about the U.S. Copyright Office’s past, present and future. As technology has evolved and introduced things like MP4s, social media and ebooks, the role of the Copyright Office should evolve too for the digital age. Josh and Kirby take a look…

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Copy This Podcast Episode 1: What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Copyright

Are you one of the many Star Wars fans eagerly awaiting the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story later this month? As you watch – and rewatch – the trailer, take a break to tune into Re:Create’s new Copy This podcast to learn about copyright and the role it’s played in the success of the fan-favorite series.  As…

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