Copy This Podcast Episode 12: Copying is Human Nature

Libraries are often overlooked for the important role they play in serving the common good: preserving important works to make knowledge accessible to the public, no matter your station in life.  In this latest episode of Copy This, host Kirby Ferguson talks with Laura Quilter, Copyright and Information Policy Librarian at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, about the role copyright plays in education, research and learning.

Laura explains that her primary role as a university librarian is to help simplify the complex issue of copyright and its role in education, by helping listeners recognize that it is human nature to copy as part of the learning process.

She not only helps make materials accessible for the expansion of knowledge, but also works with both faculty and students to understand their rights to make copies, what is the fair use of a work, how to protect their own works, and so much more.  Unsure if you need permission to use an old wartime photo? Ask a librarian.

In celebration of Fair Use Week, tune in to expand your own copyright knowledge and what gets librarians excited to party (hint: new works coming into the public domain in 2019).

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