Copy This Podcast Episode 13: Copyright: The Conservative Curveball

Is copyright one of those rare policy issues that can bring Republicans and Democrats together in agreement?

In a conversation about copyright with FreedomWorks Chief Economist Wayne Brough, Kirby Ferguson tries to break down the complex and evolving relationship between conservatives and copyright law in the digital age.

In response to questions about our nation’s copyright law serving as a right or regulation, its role in helping or hurting free speech, and how special interests are changing the intent of our nation’s founders when they incorporated it into the Constitution, Wayne explains the delicate balance needed to promote innovation and reward creators. He cautions against allowing copyright law to swing too far and protect monopolies over culture — rather than let market forces drive the solution.

Tune in to learn more about how the internet is forcing new conversations about copyright and the role of government, and how achieving this delicate balance may just be an issue that bridges both sides of the aisle.

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