Re:Create Coalition Calls For Pro-Innovation, Pro-Creator, Pro-Consumer Copyright Agenda In Letter To 115th Congress

“The U.S. government should seek the appropriate balance in copyright law to unlock the fullest potential of the innovative and creative spirit of all people”

WASHINGTON — In a letter issued to the 115th Congress today, the Re:Create Coalition urged members of the House and Senate to support and promote equitable copyright policy for every sector of society. The letter lays out a set of key values to help guide the development of balanced copyright law that unlocks the fullest potential of the innovative and creative spirit of all people. Below are highlighted excerpts of the letter, which is available here. A similar letter was also issued to the Trump Administration today.

“Attempts to improve the effective uses of U.S. copyright law serve an important purpose, but in doing so we must remain mindful that a heavy-handed regulatory approach will only stifle this new creative revolution. Rather, innovation, technology and free markets have shown themselves very capable of finding ways to reward creators and enrich consumers alike.

“A copyright system must acknowledge the vital roles of those who own, experience, learn from, consume and transform the creations of others. Indeed, 81% of investors surveyed said increasing regulations to weaken copyright safe harbors would slow investment in new platforms more than would an actual recession.

“We support the Constitutional promise that all people should be able to express themselves freely and believe that such expression includes fair use of works created by others, as protected by the Copyright Act and the courts. Overly-burdensome copyright laws stifle free speech, expression and the diffusion of knowledge in society.”

The Re:Create Coalition represents a cross-section of creators, advocates, thinkers and consumers seeking to promote copyright standards that foster innovation, creativity and economic growth.


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