Re:Create Statement On 512 Hearing – June 2, 2020

“Today’s hearing is an opportunity to hear from panelists about the important role Section 512 of the DMCA plays in supporting America’s economic growth, democratizing creativity, boosting access to information and advancing global culture. The DMCA has been beneficial for creators, innovators and especially users who, unfortunately, were completely ignored by the Copyright Office in its long-delayed Section 512 study.

“The internet’s role in supporting our lives and livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates its value now more than ever. The imbalance of the Copyright Office study and the rightsholder interests that it champions reveal the motivations that must be carefully checked before any changes to the DMCA are considered. This approach comes in stark contrast to the years of bipartisan effort that led to the DMCA as a balanced policy solution that continues to support free speech, creativity and innovation today.

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