Re:Create Statement on Proposal to Undo The DMCA: “Would Fundamentally End Online Creativity As We Know It”

Washington, DC – Following today’s unveiling of a proposal to replace the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Re:Create Coalition issued the below statement from Executive Director Joshua Lamel:

“Today’s proposal to undo and replace the DMCA would fundamentally end online creativity as we know it. Simultaneously this proposal would result in massive legal uncertainties for small businesses, startups and new creators; hurt competition and consumer choice for the next generation of platforms like TikTok and Parler; and lead to significant overblocking of everyday content on the platforms that Americans use every day to work, communicate and have fun. We urge Senator Tillis to consider our serious concerns and work with us to make the needed changes in order to protect American economic growth, jobs and online creativity.”

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